Health,Safety and Environmental Programs of EGCB Ltd.

It is the policy of the company to adopt utmost Environmental Health and Safety standards by providing pollution and accident free and contented work atmosphere by eliminating predictable hazards from work place.


In order to ensure the safest possible work environment, the EGCB Ltd has program to establish Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) unit of its own. This unit shall act for environmental health and safety orientation of employees, overseeing inspection, program, review of environmental performance through monitoring of environmental parameters and injury reports of the employees, exploration and subsequent accomplishment of new safety policy procedures as and when requires.

Health support:

EGCB Ltd has been rendering round the clock health support to its employees through a well managed medical center having 10 beds with wellequipped ambulance service within siddhirganj power station premises. The company has its own HSE manager who is maintaining the routine safety issues both in corporate office and existing Siddhirganj power station premises.



The EGCB Ltd has its own security personnel along with police and armed forces to render highest security to its Key Point Installation (KPI) at Siddhirganj with 24 hours emergency alert. The company is also providing its all employees safety gears for personal protection who are working in KPI.